Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have never heard of a vegetarian dog!!!

Our oldest son has a beautiful yellow lab. 
The dog's name is Winchester.  He weighs as much as a junior high athlete!  
It has been a love-hate relationship. :)  }(  
He is a great watch dog and loves to go to the corn fields in the fall to hunt with my husband and children. 
His domain is the entire back yard and he knows it.  
 Hydrangea bushes, day lilies, hosta, and purple iris flowers 
don't share a living space well with this creature. 
  This morning my husband and I were having coffee 
with the owner of this precious pet
when we saw him enter the garden and successfully harvest all of the red tomatoes...  :)   }( !!!

He harvests our garden. 
Isn't that nice. Such a helpful dog. 
I wonder if  those little iron fences are on sale yet at the lumber store? 
xo deborah


  1. hahahahaha!!!!

    Oh how funny. Never heard of a dog harvester. And how nice of him to eat the tomatoes, maybe he thought they were to bad for you to eat;-) Our Clem Monster(half Cocker, half German Shepard) loves to eat carrots and lemons. Hearing him eat the lemons is funny. But he keeps eating them.

    Oh thanks so much for the laugh.
    blessings, jilly

  2. Beautiful dog!! They can be so entertaining! Have a great day, Sweetie! xo


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