Friday, September 10, 2010

cleaning off some of my dusty shelf dreams ...


  1. You can't get rid of the silver compote. I use to pass them up left and right and then one day I realized they make great pedestals for old glass sconce candle holders...they turn into little cloches..
    Look here you'll see what I mean.
    I hope you have lots of luck with your etsy items :) And I hope you don't think i'm nuts!! I just hate when I get rid of something only to realize later that I could of used it. Have a great weekend

  2. Lovin the name of your blog, nice to meet you :)

  3. Hello ... I have just found your blog and I would love to sit down (I'll wait whilst you go and get the other prisoners from the laundry!). Love it! You have a beautiful blog and I love the name "The White Chair" and also chandeliers .... perfect! I laughed when I read your profile ... just gorgeous! Am following!
    M.A. the 2nd


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