Friday, September 3, 2010

100+ things I want to do well

  • give grace
  • be a nutritionally educated chef for my family
  • take breaks and get away on a boat for a minute or two
  • respect others who disagree
  • ask in prayer continually for the need that I know of in my little world and in the big world
  • see the heart not the behavior
  • rejoice with those who are rejoicing
  • comfort those who need comfort
  • listen to a child speaking by looking them in the eyes on their level
  • live free of the 'cancer' of resentment and bitterness by forgiving
  • forgive even when and especially when they aren't sorry
  • say 'I'm sorry' quickly when needed
  • influence inspired living
  • represent well
  • master childlike faith
  • stop trying so hard and let Him do it through me
  • let go of what I need to
  • grieve when I need to
  • consider caring criticism
  • hear the Quiet Still Voice
  • shun negativity
  • wear God's glasses to see like He sees
  • live balanced
  • keep boundaries and margins
  • show compassion
  • avoid grumbling
  • avoid complaining
  • invent
  • repurpose
  • upcycle
  • recycle
  • obey the laws of the land
  • drive with manners
  • avoid selfishness and narcissism
  • avoid intimidation
  • live 'marathon' not 'sprint'
  • live in a state of perseverance
  • be open for change thus often times progress
  • take what I have and do my best with all I have
  • treat all people the same whether rich or poor, famous or homeless...
  • develop into a PHD of showing God's love
  • pray for those who misunderstand or judge me
  • value every human being, young or old, born or unborn, rich or poor, healthy or ill...
  • value all social classes
  • appreciate all ethnic groups
  • keep on reading
  • garden and harvest my own bounty
  • avoid thinking I know much
  • sow seeds of kindness and purity
  • sow seeds of respect and honor
  • show mercy (and I'll be shown mercy)
  • be a pit bull when it come to hanging on to Love
  • never give up
  • live pointed toward the One with whom nothing is impossible
  • give acceptance
  • give attention
  • live fearlessly
  • listen at least twice as much as I speak
  • enjoy cleaning and doing laundry
  • cook
  • sing
  • dance
  • forgive as I've been forgiven
  • pray for my enemies
  • love my enemies
  • dream
  • create
  • rest
  • 'be' where ever I am
  • help others discover their unique strengths and talents
  • discover my own strengths and talents
  • make room for stillness
  • testify of Love and all He is
  • run some more
  • read
  • learn
  • travel
  • be a grace dispenser
  • understand others by hearing their story
  • avoid throwing 'rocks' of judgment at myself
  • avoid throwing 'rocks' of judgment towards others
  • always have room in my life for kindness toward strangers
  • live a REAL life including flaws and failures but with tenacity to GET UP and keep going
  • live a legacy of grace
  • encourage others dreams
  • wear an apron when baking and like it
  • model forgiveness
  • model faith, hope, and love
  • model peace
  • model joy
  • treat my husband the way I want my future daughter in laws to treat my sons
  • treat my husband the way I want my daughters to treat their husbands
  • treat children the way I want others to treat my children
  • treat teenagers the way I want others to treat my teenagers
  • treat others the way I want to be treated
  • kiss the faces of my children often
  • hug my children much
  • pray for those who won't
  • hope for those who don't
  • forgive deeply
  • forgive quickly
  • live simply
  • hope always
  • think BIG
  • receive Love then give Love
  • live inspired then inspire
  • by an original
  • share beauty from pain
  • eat sushi by an ocean
  • translate love
  • choose wisely
  • love generously
  • speak kindly
  • care deeply
  • give generously
  • speak love without words
  • encourage
  • run
  • make a great pot roast
  • be a good friend
  • be kind


  1. **see the heart not the behavior**

    I like this one! So often not followed.

    I would have google friended you but I don't see the gadget.

    Always glad to see another mom of 4 or more. Stop back by and see my other blogs

    Just Another Day in Paradise -

    Share the Bible with MusingMom

    There are also links at the top of the page.

    Blessings to you

  2. ~*~Im so glad I found your blog!! I love your list of things you want to do better..especially the drive with manners part..that can be a daily struggle!lol..Im your newest follower~*~*Blessings,Rachel :)

  3. I love this list..thank you for sharing :)

  4. I would be delighted if you took a copy of my list with you! :) What a compliment that is...

  5. your majesty,

    I am a new follower of your court and what a way for me to star!!!! bravo!!! can this list be topped??? you have inspired me to write my own list, even though, most of my list is already here:)) what a beautiful list to live by or to strive to live by each and everyday. Thank you for sharing it with all of us and for inspiring and encouraging the rest of us to do the same:)) Merci Queenie!

    Royal wishes,


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