Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a little inspiration

I love the simplified color scheme
of these rooms. 
So versatile and easy to change 
with each season... 
images from little emma english home


  1. The room is stunning! Love the french doors, and subdued colors :)

  2. Hi Deborah,
    I'm so happy you stumbled across my blog...Yay! I love meeting new blogging buddies...And it is a pleasure meeting you. I see you're fairly new to blogland, well welcome, I know you'll have so much fun here. I look forward to my visits and hope you come visit me again soon. Wishing you a beautiful autumn day. Oh! And by the way...the chair I sit on to come visit is also white :-)

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  3. It's like I've hit the jackpot with your blog. It's everything I like rolled into a website of dreams : ) I'm your newest follower!

  4. liebe Grüße und Danke für den kleinen Besuch bei mir im "Rosenwunder", es ist schön herzlich hier bei dir, viele bunte Blätter sende ich, Jasmin...

  5. Lovely images ;) I adore these colours, very charming and elegant. Much charme.......

  6. Hi Deborah, just found your lovely blog, following you too! With six children, its no wonder you are always in the laundry room! How nice that you have found the bloggy escape !!!
    Its so addictive! Such a pretty post too,
    Laura c xxx

  7. Great pictures! Don't you wish sometimes that you could toss all your furniture and start completely over from scratch? I'd pick completely neutral colors for all the walls and big pieces of furniture, and only introduce color in the small things, so it could easily be changed from season to season and holiday to holiday. However... in real life... well ... you know. :-)

  8. I wanted to let you know real quick the package arrived today! It's all so lovely! Thank you so much!!!! I took some pictures and will do a post about it this weekend. :-)

  9. Lovely lovely inspiring photos. I could crawl in and live in any of them :)

  10. Bonjour Deborah,
    What a lovely blog you have, so glad you came by to visit me because now I have found you. Zaira always has beautiful images. I love the quote on your sidebar - all of them actually - about being kind because everyone is fighting a battle - nice reminder to keep those edges soft!
    I am a new follower, and now I am off to check out your Etsy boutique!
    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  11. I just found your blog and I love it. Many pics I adore. Also went to visit Fancy Farm Girl and was totally blown away by the chicken coop. Many thanks for sharing.Fiona


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