Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. -Cummings

Laughing at myself today...

I saw a picture
of bingo cards
and it reminded me of a time
when I was very, very bored as a child.

Now, as a mom I don't allow the 
"I'm bored" whine at our house
and the consequences for saying those words results in
laundry folding, sparkling toilets, or an extra walk
for the dogs, etc.
But I wasn't a mom yet and I was bored
at bingo. 
Very, very bored.

I would have rather
scooped out the horse barns
or pulled all the weeds in the garden
{which I had to do anyway}
rather than sit in a hard metal folding chair

in a stuffy, very stuffy 
150 year old building downtown.

{LOOK I found a photo of the actual building!}
And just sit and wait
as gray haired women
looked at their cards
for N 43 or B 11....

I would ask mom for gum.
That lasted awhile.
"I have to go to the bathroom!"
Even kids can only use the restroom
just so much in public,
then it gets old.

"I'm hungry."
"Here, have more gum."

I had a way of creating my own entertainment
when I needed to.
Most parents and most adults call this
'getting into trouble'
but I called it creativity.
{at the time}
One of my first 'treasure hunting' trips
was in that building.
But I was not really supposed be wandering around
if you know what I mean.
My little brother and I just 'disappeared'
through an old creaky door and climbed up
an old dusty staircase into a very dark hallway.
We couldn't see anything
except for an old, very old portrait
of George Washington
hanging on the wall
in a huge gold frame

and dust,
lots and lots of dust.

{dust usually indicates treasures could be near}
{well, not always... my home has dust}

Wonder if that portrait is still there?
L.o.v.e. the mystery of treasure hunting.

Back to bingo...

While we sat and sat and sat 
in those hard bunchy chairs
and watched as the intensity would build
as each bingo-er anticipated that they
could be the next winner of
Mrs. Soandso's dozen fresh baked
cinnamon rolls
{instant carb diet}
or the prize of a free round of
more bingo!
{sounded more like a punishment to me}

I would hear a loud resounding
Then the whole room would moan in disappointment
{talk about poor sportsmanship!!!}  
And then they'd clear their cards
and start the routine all over again.

As the emotion in the room began to crescendo
 it happened.
I got a terrible, wonderful idea.

I waited until just the right time...
Everyone was staring with beady, glaring eyes
at their bingo cards 
and whole room was silent as they listened 
for their numbers to be called.

G 52...


O 73...

{I yelled  in my 'old lady' voice...}

Then the moaning "awwwww..."
and the sound of the cards being cleared.
I think I was the only one
in the whole room
that thought it was funny...

And I still think it's funny... :]

I have been writing this post sitting beside
my husband while he has had surgery to remove
skin cancer.
We have been here for 5 hours.
It was deeper than they thought.

We are off to the plastic surgeon now to rebuild. 

Laughter is good medicine~ God.
added note: we finished at the surgeon's office.
He will be back to his handsome and healthy self soon. :] 

xoxo deborah


  1. Hi Deborah! Love your childhood photos and memories!! Too cute!!

    Hope your hubby is doing well. I just prayed for you both. My hubby has had some precancerous lesions removed.

    It's great to meet you! I'm following you now, too!

  2. thank you Becky! He's doing very well. :]
    I appreciate your prayers. Thank you!
    xoxo deborah


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