Monday, August 16, 2010

A Cinderella Evening

What shall we do this evening?" 
we wondered.
We could go swim.
It's still summer, at least on the calendar.
Or maybe a walk around the lake 
and watch the beautiful sky
as the sun fades away into dusk.

Then it happened! 
Life just jumped out at us again! 
Plans changed and we were off to the emergency room.

Our little Lily was soaring through the air on a swing
today at school when it SNAPPED 
while she was "just seeing how high I could go".
She covered her head as she fell to the ground 
(smart move) 
and broke a finger or two.

After the ER visit we went to a grocery store to pick up her Tylenol and extra wrap for her hand. 
She seemed playful and relieved so while we were there
we went to the household cleaning isle
to get some last things on my errand list. 
We rounded the corner and it hit me. 
This is the Cinderella Isle.
Mops, buckets, sponges, and Clorox.
It's everything a cleaning girl could need. 
Or a cleaning mom who works in her own castle.

I had to laugh at this new improved way of seeing Tilex.
I love Cinderella.
She is a great example of one that shunned negativity 
and chose to live beautifully in the freedom of forgiveness.
She had opportunity to become bitter and resentful
in her life but she obviously didn't let those things 
stick to her or define her.
What does that have to do with cleaning supplies?
We're all going to use them sooner or later 
and if you are like me 
you may not get overly excited about doing something 
that 5 days later 
{or 5 minutes}
the accomplished has vanished...
It's part of the dirt of life. 
I don't want to grumble my way through cleaning my castle.
"Whistle while you work", Cinderella.

Maybe tomorrow night we will get to see the sunset.

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