Wednesday, August 17, 2011

for the love {like} of nature

{ good to know }

When I married my friend
23 years ago 
I thought I knew him
really well 
and I thought he knew me
the same.
And we have so much in common.

A few of our favorite things
to do together were:
go fishing
play tennis
play basketball
flag football
or just watch the sun set
as we had a picnic dinner
on a hill or by a lake.

Well, years later here we are
{at my prompting}
fishing at dusk,
{or so at least I was} 
the beautiful summer evening 
by the lake
 with several from our
little tribe of children
when I suddenly had an
'ah-ha' moment.
Here it is:

I LOVE the outdoors
during the summer
{and year round}
with camping, cookouts,
hikes, sunset watching, etc.
and my husband...


He likes to hunt
in the fall.
{there are no mosquitos} 
He loves to fish.
{when the mosquitos aren't biting}
And he is highly committed to
running and biking
especially in the afternoon
when the heat index is 112*.
{again, no mosquitos or flies that time of day}

But fishing by the lake at dusk...
Well, let's just say
 the Yard Guard 
wasn't doing it's job.

My kind and getting impatient
husband started stomping his feet
to get the mosquitos off.
{ 'Off' we used that, too}
He started to resemble a horse
in a stall stomping
and swatting at flies
with it's tail.

Guess I'd better get a
mosquito net...

xo deborah


  1. Hey,

    dear deborah, what a lovely post...not everybody could say that he married his best friend...I did, too...thimk we are both lucky girls !!!!!!!

    Love your todays pictures !!!!
    Best wishes,

  2. sweet post. I guess a net is easier than getting a new husband eh?? lovely photos.

  3. Great post :) me and my best friend have been married 20 years this September. Think we still like the same things!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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