Saturday, August 27, 2011

confessions of a paint-a-holic...

Today I was scrolling through
'A Bowl Full of Lemons' blog
{great info by the way}
and saw that in a recent post there was
 one of those link parties going on.
I noticed one entry called
"Who paints this?"

They asked readers to not think of them
as crazy.

Then these two creative women explained
that the hot pink sofa was a prop
for a daughters birthday party.
{they admitted that it's stiff and crunchy}

They asked the question

"who paints this?"

Here's the confession:
And I answered
"I did."


I did.
I painted my sofa and love seat!

A soft creamy, leather like white.

Before you think I'm crazy
{maybe I am!}
and click out of this post,
please give me a second to explain:
We have 6 often messy kids.
We have 2 hairy drooling dogs.
We have 1 perfect cat.
And we feed our local high school's
varsity football team
{largest school in the state}
messy, drippy, Italian feasts weekly 
all season long.
{usually around 12 weeks with play-offs}
And there are about 65 guys
plus parent volunteers.
That's 780+ plates of food
consumed in the dining room, family rec room,
living room, den, back deck,
screened in area under deck
every fall.

{That's crazy!}

We have a sofa and love seat
that was covered in a
celery green micro suede.
I loved it when it was clean.
But several years later
it was getting harder and harder
to get clean.

"Maybe I'll just donate the furniture
and start over."
But that didn't make any sense:
*The kids aren't grown
*The football team was returning
for a new season.
*And my slip covers were tired.
Very tired.

Then an idea.

It came from my sister.
She painted a set of GW chairs
that she had in a
covered outdoor seating area.

She used a semi-gloss dark gray paint
and they looked like
vintage leather chairs!
Not crunchy or stiff.
Just leather-like.

My thought process:
I love the structure of the furniture.
It's the fabric that I have a problem with.
I could donate and $tart
What do I have to loose?

I got out my semi gloss white paint

I painted the loveseat
and hired one of our daughters
to paint the sofa.
She earned some cash.
No more cleaning furniture for hours for me.
We are all happy!

My 'confession.'

The pink couch is entry  #4
and my confession is #181
in the link party
over at
"A Bowl Full of Lemons."
Have a creative and happy weekend!
Xo deborah


  1. What an awesome idea! We have leather furniture, it' still pretty new, but when it starts to wear out I will be looking for you!

  2. I think you found a wonderful solution. As we teach our children to recycle, it is best to show by example.

  3. Wow this is the coolest thing I have ever read. Who knew that would work!! Kudos to you for being brave enough to try and then find great success! I am so impressed. I have a micro seude couch and it does not clean well. Unfortunatly its a sleeper and the sleeper part is broken (1 girl, 3 boys, 2 hairy drooling dogs and 1 not-so-perfect cat) so I don't think it would be worth it. Thanks for this awesome confession.


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