Wednesday, February 9, 2011

so kind

{I Found My Home~photo credits}
I just received
The Stylish Blogger Award
from Beth over at 
Thank you Beth!

OK, here are the rules 
for participation: 

*  I am supposed to list 7 things
about myself to help you get to know me better.

*  Then pass this award on to
15 inspiring blogs that I follow...

OK here we go...
7 Things About Me

1. I have enough books
in our family den to open a library.
I get confused at times: is it a den or a library?
I call it both.
{I often do lend out books to friends}
And the titles in my collection range from
building a great marriage, parenting,
gardening, cooking, interior decor,
and children's books, 
to how to train a dog,
issues on health and fitness,
Monet, Shakespere, and Picasso. 
I don't donate or give away good books...
I love to have them as references.  

2.  I am a licensed cosmetologist.
I save on our budget every month
by doing my families hair, etc.
With four daughters, that's a real benefit.
I even foil my own hair to hi-lite...
{That's pretty entertaining}
3.  My childhood home was heated
by a very old wood burning furnace.
That meant cutting wood, loading wood, 
unloading wood, stacking wood,
splitting wood all winter long 
when I was a child. 
Oh, memories...

4.  Our oldest son plays college football,
volunteers leadership with a youth group,
and is a good role model for his siblings,
and makes his parents very proud.
 {Am I supposed to be writing about me?}

5.   I love to grow a garden every year
but I have some serious pests to fight off
so that the vegetables  make it to harvest...
The biggest intruder of my garden
is our 110 pound yellow lab.
He is our oldest son's hunting dog
named Winchester.
He likes red ripe tomatoes...
must get out that dog training book...
{*%@!#%:+=}  :]
6. I have been the wife of:
a football player
a pizza dough expert
a lawn service boy
a claims adjuster
an insurance agent
a national software manager
a pharmaceutical rep
a district manager
a national trainer and administrator
a motivational speaker
a college and professional sport chaplain
a firefighter and EMT
and armed security...
All that in 22 years with the same man.
{If someone were to ask, "What do you do"?
I'd should say "Try to keep up with my husband"} 
And we still date every week.

7.   I avoid most addictions
but I confess I do have one...
I LOVE to paint!
I love to transform walls, 
furniture, etc.
with paint!

Like many of you,
I see beyond the appearance of
to what something would look like
{so fun}
{Maybe that was the appeal to cosmetology and hair design, too}
At least for my own hair...

And now for 15 {or so] of my most favorite blogs:

Grange de Charme  
Shabby Chic 
My Shabby Streamside Studio
The Ardent Sparrow
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 A Bowl Full of Lemons 
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junk garden
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inspired design
Dreamy Whites
Fabulously French
Go Beyond The Game
{Hi Honey!}
{It's my husband's sports blog}

My apologies for not linking 
each one of these beautiful
and inspiring blogs to their url's.
To make it easier just 
look for each one on my sidebar...

I'm going to have coffee 
with that busy man now
and then go start my
{see A Bowl Full of Lemons}

And then paint something!

xoxo deborah


  1. you sound like a fun person, with great spirit, and sweet love for your husband and family. I like you already!

  2. thank you, that was very kind of you!


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