Friday, January 21, 2011

my mini vacations

Just wondering...
Have you gone to France yet?
I go there often
on my personal transportation:

I can take any seat I want.
And I have a full service kitchen
and chef to cook
if I'm hungry for more than peanuts.
{I'm my chef}
I am making the trip again today.
I would love 
for you to come along!
Let me introduce you
to a few favourites.

A very lovely place
to spend a day:

{Grange De Charme}

I could live here.

The first time
that I peeked into the rooms
of this beautiful corner 
of the blogosphere
I was stunned at how 


each photograph was.


You'll even see a little of 
Rachel Ashwell's 
inspiration, too.

The author is also a fan of
{My Shabby Streamside Studio}
An adorable little dreamworld

 Why am I still writing?
I just lost most of you  by posting 
Sandy's link...
What a treat her little studio is.
Come back when you're finished 
with your visit there!

The icing on the cake
for visiting
Grange De Charme
in France
are all the stars
that follow the guests around
as they go on their tour...
so, so extravagant. 

If you've never been there
just take a seat,
grab a drink and a snack
and let me show you around.
It only takes a minute to get there
and you can stay as long as you'd like.

Bon Voyage!

XOXO deborah


  1. It's all so beautiful!
    You are quite right to say that the laptop can travel wherever we want.
    I now come to visit you in just a minute.
    Unknown friend a hug.

  2. Thanks for taking me along-such beauty!

  3. Oh My. This post is amazing. And I live in France. I'm now following you, hope you're gonna follow back. All the best, talk soon.

  4. That was a great trip Thanks

    Rachell Ashwell and My Shabby Steamside studio are twins

    I mean which one is better? can't say




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