Monday, July 19, 2010

'In quietness and in trust shall be your strength'
This new fan of the world of blogging just started this blog today! I am sitting in my kitchen with Tara Frey's new book, my old Webster's 'New World' dictionary and 5 children who are running around in swim suits ready to go to Aunt Nienie's house to swim and I think lunch was gummy worms from vacation Bible school? That's probably why they are running... I saw humor already and had to write a post.
In trying to navigate through the steps of setting up a blog and all that will accompany it, I was contemplating the description of the blog...'peace, stillness, simplicity, solitude, focus, comfort and a favorite cup of coffee or tea, or even a raspberry swizzle in a fabulous crystal glass' when I was reminded of my own need and desire for the very elements of the words that I am so carefully trying to choose.

Of course no one can live there continually, at least not actually sitting in a white chair (at minimum bed sores would be an issue). However, it is my desire to at least in heart and mind to be educated and master this practice as I study in this school called LIFE. Hope you join me and many others on this course.

Until next time, may you find peace and rest, restoration and simplicity.

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