Friday, April 3, 2015

dirt and a destiny { merci }

It's been 'a winter' around here.

Our yard was asleep, brown and dormant
for such a long, long season
with a sleepy monochromatic view.

Then it rained.
And the temperature climbed.

And overnight, all things became new.
New life opening pathways in soil
making space for fresh growth.
Looks like spring is here.

Sounds like Easter:
an invitation to start over.
To be made new.
The tomb was like the 3 day dormant winter.
All hope was gone, it seemed.
But dormant is different than dead.
There was something going on well below the surface
that eyes could not see.
The legal rights to sin, sickness and disease were taken back.

Life was awakened from the tomb.
Life that overcame death.
And with gentle, meditated and power filled authority
the Over comer removed the death rags
of linen gauze and folded them.
Then turned His back on the tomb to walk away.
With scars to remind of the path He chose to submit to
through the dirt, sin and disease,
he stayed clean, pure and uninfected.

Easter: an invitation to new life.

Purpose filled.

{The Bible,  Mark 15 and 16}

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Resurrection Weekend!


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