Saturday, May 17, 2014

welcome {defined}


n.  1.  an instance or manner of greeting someone
v.  1.  greet (someone arriving) in a glad or friendly way

Elements of a welcoming space:

*comfortable seating, providing a posture for rest or conversation
*soft lighting, natural sun even moon and stars if possible, 
candles or small garden lights
*fresh flowers speak of life and beauty
*music chosen and tailored specific for the occasion
*and a cup of hot coffee, tea or other beverage

Clean and simple space, uncluttered to give room for life
with added touches to say 
"You are welcome here."
Using all five senses creates a place for community to be shared.

I have studied interior design for years and played with ideas
most all of my adult life.  I guess you could say I grew into it.
After my husband and I married we set up our first home and neither of us had a clue of preferences, etc. 
 We used hand me down furnishings like the chest of drawers 
that I bought from a college friend for $5,
a clean lined sectional from a thrift store 
that was manufactured in the 50's
(that would be awesome to have redone but then it was...?)
and a bedroom set from a garage sale.
My husband even tried to build us a clothes rack...
There's a funny story there and if you know him ask him about it.
It's a belly laugh waiting to happen! :)
Things can evolve and take time to discover.
I love burlap, old wood and vintage patina but simple and clean
and it is a surprise to me when others love my work
and ask me to decorate for an event, 
a wedding, a party or business display.
I have so much fun doing these things
that when I go to 'work' it seems like I'm going to 'play'.

When I step outside and look around at creation
I see 'welcome' written everywhere!

 w  e  l  c  o  m  e.

Have  a beauty filled day!


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