Tuesday, October 2, 2012

perfectly {imperfect}

Love at first sight...

Some would look at this table 
and see junk...

I saw it as a desk 
positioned perfectly 
in the center of a cozy  little office
{for me!}
with a white and burlap french chair 
pulled up to it, ready for business.
One wall, a black chalkboard,
and the other walls washed in an aged 
gray and taupe chippy patina...
The back wall would house the vintage hutch
that I've admired for years at my sister's house.
{that she asked if I wanted since she was moving}
After the hutch's treatment of a color change,
{it's red, like but not love}
it will hold books and 'ingredients' 
for further inspiration.
Burlap curtains to shield unsightly supplies
on the existing shelves,
a warm fuzzy rug,
{I have the perfect one in storage!}
and to top it all off,
a chandelier.
Can't wait!
I am surprised at my own giddiness over 
this little project and have realized...
I've never had
 my own room.
Except for the nursery at the hospital...
likely not even then.
{It was a very, very small town}

This adorable table was just collecting dust
over in the quiet corner 
of an abandoned little shack
on my father's farm.

Instant {imperfectly} perfect inspiration.

Usually, when I do projects like this
I just dive in and get it done.
Then think 
"I should have taken before pictures."
This time I am.
I'll post them when I'm finished.
I'll be back.

{Clara's Pathway}
Photo taken at the end of our street.

Hope you can 
get out and enjoy 
this beautiful time of year!



  1. What a beautiful inspiration piece...can't wait to see what you create around it!

  2. Is this going in the little room you cleared out a while ago?


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