Saturday, November 6, 2010

One of my favorite 'gyms'

I laughed with my friend
this morning that
this beautiful place
is my Prozac!
It brings such balance to my brain
to get outside often 
and enjoy nature. :)
The colors were so striking.
Even the gray bark and bare limbs
were  interesting to see against to bright blue sky.
Seasons come and seasons go.
And they are most inconsiderate!
They don't stop to ask me what I think.
Leaves will fall and eventually snow will, too.
I don't want to have a favorite season.
I want to find the beauty and wonder in all of them.
I know myself...
 if I do choose a favorite
I will first compare,
 looking for what I like in a season
then focusing on what I don't.
I am so human.
I don't know about you but when I look for things 
that I don't like about something
it can lead to grumbling, complaining, or discontentment, etc...
Seasons can last for a long while sometimes.
Even a day is way too much time 
to waste on being in a negative frame of mind over something 
that I cannot control anyway
like the weather,
or impending wrinkles,
or how some things just happen too fast
and other things just aren't quick enough,
or _______________________.
you may opt to fill in the blank
So when it snows... make a snowman
or a snow angel with a child.
If there are no children around
be the child!
{or be a child and play with the children}
When it rains 
dance under an umbrella
and make a big splash! 

A piece of God's wisdom comes to mind...
" Give thanks in every situation"  

If things are going to happen anyway,
even without my consent *]
I guess my only real choice is 
my attitude towards it.
So, as I get more wrinkles...
(I can feel some of you cringing!)
sorry... reality check here 
I want them to shape a face that
reflects a joyful
and contented heart.
Thanks for stopping by!  
I'll be back later!
I'm out enjoying the weather for a little while...
Whatever it is! 




  1. Absolutely gorgeous as are the sentiments to go with it.

  2. Lovely photos! You are so right about the attitude - remind me in winter!

  3. What a cool post! Love the super large photos- feels like I was right there! Looks so fallish. Love it, love it!
    Hugs- Tete

  4. hello there!

    i really enjoyed reading your post - every word in it is so true! :)

    the pictures are gorgeous too, looks like you're having a wonderful fall, just like we do (unfortunately it won't last that long, believing what the weather forecast says...)

    oh and by the way: thanks for your nice comment! :)


  5. viele Grüße von Jasmin,
    es hat mich überrascht, diese Fotos doch recht groß zusehen, es macht einen anderen schönen Ausdruck beim Betrachten...

  6. What a beautiful park!! What part of O is that in?
    The weather was gorgeous here today too.

  7. This lake is at Boystown National Campus and it is getting colder... have a great weekend! :]


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