Tuesday, October 19, 2010

treasure hunting...

A Treasure Hunt
The men in our house enjoy hunting and some of the girls like it too.
I have gone along on occasion and enjoyed the weather and scenery of the country...
The hunt that I really love though doesn't involve nature, mud, and  trucks. 
I enjoy a different type of hunting.
I call it treasure hunting.
Phrasing it this way helps my husband understand the concept a little better.
I say "You hunt.  I hunt."
Ingredients for my hunting trips involve:
~ a little time
~ a bit of energy
~ a cup of coffee to go
~ and just a few dollars
~ and a 'date' with one or two of our children
(or solitude if no one is interested)
There is usually no list.
No agenda.
No expectations.
Just a little adventure.
Over the years most of our furniture has at one time sat in a junk store.
I love the idea of buying something for a little
then painting it to look the way you want it to.
I have a friend, Melanie, who introduced my to SHABBY CHIC about 14 years ago.
She said '"Look at this!  You are already decorating like this!"
I was instantly hooked.
And  I still am a fan of Rachel Ashwell's style
and she's a lovely woman, too. 
I had the opportunity to visit her store in Santa Monica years ago...
I took in every detail.  My husband was a very patient 'non~hunter'...
As I write I am thinking about all of the different treasures
that I have found over the years...
That would be a fun one to write about.
This pretty print of
was hidden under an etched out old mirror
in a  little bent frame.
I stepped out of the store with my little treasure
and went straight for the trash can
to rid myself of the mirror and frame.
What I found underneath was this pretty and very, very old print
by Zula Kenyon. 
What a pretty painting of a cute little girl 
enjoying nature.
Now that's my type of hunting.


  1. Well spotted, and such a beautiful print. I wonder how old it is. I will have to start looking closer at things.

  2. ~**~Beautiful find!I love treasure hunting too!!~*~*Hugs,Rachel~*~*

  3. viele Grüße, viele schöne Dinge lassen sich immer finden, wenn wir mit "geöffneten Augen" durch die Natur, die uns alles schenkt, gehen, viele Grüße Jasmin...

  4. What a great little find! I love treasure hunting too and wish I had more time to do it!


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