Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Little Ladybug In The Bushes

Bulleted List A ladybug 
was sitting in the bushes. 
Just sitting there 
minding her own
little bug business 
when I went outside to visit on the phone with my step-mother.
I called her and asked for a 'Mom' moment... 
our oldest was off to year two of college,
our youngest was to enter kindergarten 
the next day,
my husband just had knee surgery
the day before and was 'down for the count' 
on pain medication......
and my season was changing whether I liked it or not 
and I just wasn't ready.

So, the ladybug. 
She sat on the same branch that our 'little birdie' was on.
Just sat there.
I thought of a vacation years ago that our family took to Pine Isle in Georgia
and the lady bug that seemed to follow us. 
Our daughters wanted to take their ladybug 'pets' with us and we knew that wouldn't work. The girls were very sad to leave their friends behind. 
So off we went to ride a shuttle to the airport and to our daughters surprise
a ladybug was on the window of the shuttle. 
Then on the outside of the window while watching planes at the airport,
in Atlanta on the outside of our 49th floor hotel window,
and at the pool and the resort beach!
Our daughter's ladybug friends seemed to follow us everywhere! 
And my husband and I would wink at each other and say
'Look! your ladybug pets followed us from home!'

I  had the thought that maybe these ladybugs 
were a reminder that
no matter where we go that God is with us.
He says "I will never leave you or forsake you'. 
There have been numerous times 
when things have been challenging 
and the view seems uncertain
  but there in the most unusual place 
will be a ladybug.
Just sitting there minding her own 
little bug business
or maybe she a 'bug on a mission'.

1 comment:

  1. i like it because she is my mom.
    And she also wrote it;D. wink! lily, age 10


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