Saturday, January 9, 2016

A simple and complex word.

I heard a speaker use a particular word in the form of a question recently
and it captured my attention.
It was a simple word that likely skipped right over the ears of many 
and perhaps was all to familiar to others but it was very timely for me and I heard it.
".. endorsement..."
And I wondered who endorses me?

Please hear me, I know who endorses me, defines me and created me.
 But an honest question: On this planet, who?
And would one or two or three be.. enough?

Community is important and the council of honest friends is very valuable
but who am I looking to to endorse me?
Endorsement gives validity to what you are doing.
It gives a much firmer foundation to a project.
If an organization wanted to build a dream but lacked the funding
they would look to a lender to back them, endorse them.
Shark Tank.  They lend and of course they take in exchange.
 If you start a business or a non-profit there are laws governing that you have
a group, a committee or board of leadership.

My husband and I started a non-profit organization called
GOING BEYOND THE GAME and I was quite surprised by all of the processes.
We have a board made of honest visionaries and tacticians
and that is stabilizing and deeply valuable.

Many around me do not see it.
Perhaps because they only know what they see on the surface.
As a deeply buried dream begins to emerge and it's purpose becomes
 less and less foggy and vague this word was quite timely.
So buried in fact, that I had forgotten until a spot light was put on it
in a darkened room of a few thousand people.
"...there's a dream deep, deep inside of you... breathe on it..." and then
"I endorse you.  I see your dream.  It's my dream that I've put in you."
"I see it clearly.  Trust me. I will bring it up and out and unfold it before you..."
That is the single most valuable, pointed and precise endorsement that I need, right?

It is still out of focus, fuzzy and a bit vague.
 Tiny bits and pieces are coming to bring shape to an unknown
 but I am keeping my ears and heart open to hear the rumble of the unfolding.
And until then I will keep doing what I'm doing.

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans..."

And that is really what I want, all I want, only what I want.
All the other what would look like 'dreams' are just fillers, temporary fluff and styrofoam to me.
Too many ideas and such a short time.

What is your dream?
Are you walking that out?
And to some of you who feel limited, too broken or a life too far gone
 I ask "Why not?"
I think real dreams take our feet from the dirt of this life and launch us
and many others along the way into high places.

If your dream doesn't scare you it may not be big enough.

It's a challenge to wrap up this post since it is such an unfinished topic
so how about this:

"To be continued"


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