Monday, March 16, 2015

fairy tales, pink tulle, ponies and truth

We have all heard these words:

"When I grow up, I want...

"I want to be a mommy."
"I want to live on a farm and have lots of white ponies!"
"I want..."

A little girl with young dreams.

Fairy tales of continuous delight with sunshine filled days
roaming fields of flowers in dresses of tulle and sparkles
and living happily ever afters...

Sharing a beautiful castle
 with prince charming
who, by the way, never has to shave 
but seems at least on the screen to always have a baby soft face
and of course, never, bad breath
filled with attention, love and never ending devotion
for his one and only priority, her, his princess.
The castle doesn't have clogged toilets, empty cupboards,  
cable tv, blaring radios or the internet to connect 
to the world outside the thickly cushioned walls.
And she never has PMS or any other ailment.
Well, except Sleeping Beauty, but, of course her issue with sleep
was cured by a kiss from a prince...
Pretty easy fix once he got there.

There is no dust.
Well, except fairy dust, 
whatever that is.
Please understand, I am not anti-Cinderella.
I LOVE the story of Cinderella, 
Beauty and the Beast,
Pinocchio and The Little Mermaid, etc
Adore them.
There are so many good things that I am reminded of
in each story.
Patience, forgiveness, 
the power of Love to break curses
and bring healing and restoration,
how other's word have the potential to 
 control me like the small wooden boy's strings
and how lies will always, always come out in the end...
Ursula... ugh.

But somewhere in the story I missed the daily realities
of chores, sickness and cleaning up after pooping ponies.
I grew up with ponies, believe me, they poop.
*disclaimer I just said poop on a pretty blog.  I'm so sorry if this offends, not my intention.  :]

Oh my!
 What did I learn as a child from an escape from reality childhood?
And then spend a chunk of a lifetime unlearning all of it.

I love beauty, order and all things lovely
but somehow I feel like I am promoting a fairy tale 
if I only speak of the icing on the cake.
In this blog, 
if I only share pretty photos and leave out
a dose of foundation truths that coincides with them
I feel like I'm flying around in the clouds with no landing gear.
Fluffy clouds.
Just fluffy clouds

Hope is beautiful.
Faith is believing it could be.
Love does conquer all.

Gotta go.
Dust is calling!
Thank God, no more ponies ;]

Have a blessed and really {for real} beautiful day! 


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