Saturday, July 13, 2013

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It was one of those "Yes, that's where I'm at summarized"
type of quotes that resonates with your thoughts and emotions 
and helps to reinforce, redirect and focus your will. 
 The words that you make into 
a wall hanging or make your screen saver.

{my newest screen saver}

There is always something or someone
telling me how to spend, yes spend time.
Time is a lot like money.
I can use it to invest wisely or I can waste.
I can spend it on me or I can give it away.
Depends on my priority grid, I guess.
I have heard "When are you gonna get a job?"
off and on for years from a couple of particular
well meaning individuals...
(may or may not be relatives)

I told my husband the other day that the next time
someone asks me that 
I think I may just punch them in the nose.
But I really can't do that.
I have had carpel tunnel like symptoms in my wrist
and hand so I might hurt myself...   ')
(disclaimer: for those who may not know me... 
I'm, kind of, kidding)

We all decide in our own lives, what's important.
We establish priorities based on what we value.
No right or wrong here.
Just different.

I am really not an expert on anything in particular,
but I do love to learn and then live with intention.
I found a little piece of information and wrote it down
inside the cover of my planner/calendar years ago
that has served to be helpful.
It goes like this:

Establishing Priorities/ Family Values
1.  Am I passionate about this?
2.  Does it fit my/our values?
3.  How will this affect my marriage? my children?

Only I can answer that for me.
Only you can answer that for you.
I love that!
I also love that this grid simplifies and clarifies
values and priorities,
 eliminating the lethargy of indecision, confusion and chaos. 
Or at least gives a beginner's road map to help navigate
a more peaceful and orderly life. 

Have a great weekend.


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