Saturday, December 1, 2012

barn wood, white paint and a prayer

 { J O Y }

The weather 
was nice and warm the other day.
Perfect for getting outside to trim a few trees.
{Not because they needed it}
It's just that long bunches of fresh pine and spruce branches are 
perfectly enough
as decor, abundant in our yard and they are free! 
I planned on making the usual yearly arrangements 
for each of the 8 windows on the front of our house
when I got side tracked.
As I was cleaning off our wrap around porch
I noticed 2 large pieces of barn wood that I've had 
'just sitting' around waiting for the right inspiration...

"What can I do with those?" I wondered again.

"I love the wood but what should I do with it?"
{I had a wreath of pink berries hanging on them at the time-not so Christmasey}

Then I saw 
in my mind.

{All you impulsively creative types, you know exactly what I'm talking about}

Get out the white paint.
Then the red paint.
Forget the drop cloth!
Inspiration has hit!  Move fast!

  And I went to {creative} work.

I know.
These few pictures are a bit dark,
but if you look closely on the white shelves
you can see a horizontal sign:
in red letters.

Our family room has this corner 
where everything is a bit rustic 
and sort of woodsy.
I'm thinking that 
J O Y 
goes perfect there.

Actually, it goes perfectly everywhere...

"Joy to the World.
The Lord has come!
Let Earth receive her King..."

I love that song.

{It's almost a prayer. An admonition calling for a response}

I got out my collection of old hymnals
to find Joy To the World...

I put the hymnal in the tree 
just to take a picture...

I think I found a new but very old
favorite Christmas tree decoration, too.

The signs are listed for sale in my etsy boutique:

Have an inspired weekend!

J O Y to you!


{images thewhitechair}



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