Sunday, September 2, 2012

a weekend getaway

It's a perfect time of year to go to the farm...

{Sophie looks like this}

"Bye, Sophie."
We have to leave our little Sophie at home.
She gives me unsolicited 'accupuncture' 
when she rides in the car.

The kids are excited to see the horses,
a pet bull, and a miniature doberman
that stands about 6" tall. 
{thinks he's 6' tall}

We will visit, help Dad build fence and play.

There is a little shack on the farm
that was used for storage years and years ago
by the previous owners of the farmstead.
It holds housewares from the early 1900's
and other treasures.
Even a little farm house side table 
that I've been told
that I can bring home.

The most intriguing to me though,
is an old barn that will eventually be torn down.
{Oh, the possibilities!}

But what I look foreword to the most 
is seeing Dad.
He is usually feeding, plowing, planting, 
or just playing outdoors.
Sometimes I just take a picture of him
in his element.

Have a happy weekend.


{images I Found My Home and from me}

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  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG, DEBORAH! Glad you stopped by mine. I am putting you on my FAV BLOG LIST! Will be visiting often~~~From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie


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