Thursday, July 19, 2012

{imagination space}

...a place to play and ponder.

I was reading one of my 
bazillion books the other day
and was reminded
of how healthy,
and even necessary
it is to create space
to play and ponder.

used to leave his studio
and wander the streets...

or the woods
to find his music.
Out in the fresh air
he could hear new symphonies
in the studio of his mind.

his Theory of Relativity
not at his desk at the patent office,

but while taking a ride
through the city
 on a subway.

 Take lots of field trips.

How about a frequent walk 
in your own neighborhood 
just for the sightseeing 
and mind clearing idle time?
Or a trip to a
 pond, lake, ocean or sea?
Surely there's water 
somewhere near you.
I love oceans and mountains
but I live in the mid west...
the flat open sky mid west.
{I suppose a New Yorker 
would enjoy seeing the fields of corn
or the cattle or buffalo grazing, perhaps.}

Some of my favorite 
local and frequent
 wandering places are:


the corner of a bookstore...
{feels sort of like this}

And the lake.

"The imagination needs moodling.
Long, inefficient happy idling,
dawdling, and puttering."
Brenda Ueland
What are your favorite places
to wander, dawdle, and give space
for imagination?

{images: pinterest}


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  1. I can't say that there is a place that I go to.. I have all my best moments it home:)


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