Sunday, June 10, 2012

{summer's simple pleasures}

{summer's simple pleasures}

I recently had the pleasure
of spending time with a good friend
sitting in her big beautiful yard 
in the country
while having coffee.

As we conversed I watched 
 one of our daughters playing
on a tire swing 
hung from an old tree. 

{Lucky the dog waiting on Lily}

I couldn't help but notice
the simple pleasure 
that the old swing brought to her.

I loved playing on a swing
as a child.

I hung one in our back yard
 years ago but
 'due to technical difficulties'
{I didn't tie it well enough}
it collapsed on one side
and it was hung on a low branch 
too close to the tree trunk,
 "so... yea, fail"
 as my teenagers would say. :|

So last week 
we picked up some new rope 
at the hardware store,
trimmed a different tree 
to make hanging the rope easier 
on a higher branch,
 and hung the new and improved swing.

{new and improved old swing}

I think we love it!

{country side}









What simple pleasures 
do you look forward to
this summer?


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  1. as something so simple can bring my memories so dear! thank you for this inspiration on Monday!


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