Saturday, April 28, 2012

unexpected gifts of grace...

 Roses, Hydrangeas and a touch of Grace 

{unexpected gifts}

A couple of weeks ago 
a dear friend
 gave me these pink roses...
for no other reason than to simply
show her usual thoughtful kindness.

She is of the substance
that as time goes on
I have become aware of how much richer my life is
because of her friendship.
One that presses you to become a better, 
stronger, and much wiser woman.
A role model of an inner joyful heart
no matter the
 external influences.
She will even ask about different
things that I have shared with her
 over years of our friendship
and say that she asks only to get an update 
so she can continue to  pray 
with better understanding.
{and she prays}
She has not even once spoken 
ill to me of anyone else 
especially and including
those that have positioned themselves 
as an enemy.
{Really. It's true.}
Full of selfless, kind encouragement 
and never self promoting,
 she prefers to remain quietly
 behind the scenes 
of her highly successful husband
and amazingly beautiful and super high achieving children
that really could all be supermodels but they are all deep
into making this world a better place, 
like their parents.
{and she has many children so this is a huge task}

She brought me pink roses
 on a Wednesday.
Several days later
I took a huge bundle of hydrangeas to her 
from our yard.

She loves this type of hydrangea
 because it reminds her 
of the flowers that grow so well in another country 
where she, her husband and children spent about 10 years
living out 'an adventure.'

I ran into her at a class a couple days ago
and we stayed after to catch-up.
After several minutes she asked if I noticed her eye
as she ran her finger over it.
I said that I hadn't.
She smugly with eyes down told me that she had been hit by a car
and continued on about something else.
{not herself, of course}
Wait a minute, I thought.
"Excuse me, can we go back to where you said 
that you were hit by a car?  
You were in a car, right?"
"No.  I was in a parking lot."
I picked up my lower jaw off of the table 
where we were sitting 
and tried to reattach my eyeballs to my face.
My expression was most likely self explanatory...
I did not need to verbalize any more questions. 

"Yes, I was walking to my car 
and this person apparently didn't see me 
and perhaps was in a bit of a hurry. 
The car hit me and threw me about 20 feet.
I landed on my side and face, knocked out... 
the whole CT scan, MRI and tests...
I believe it's a miracle that I'm not gone
or hooked up to breathing tubes, you know?
{and then added "with all the pins and screws that I have..."
that's another story-a book that I want her to write
 called GRACE}
And you didn't even know it did you,
but when you brought over those beautiful hydrangeas
I was laying down recovering and my daughter saw you 
coming up the sidewalk... 
Thank you."

{whispers of grace}

If I mentioned her name here 
it would bother her deeply.
She truly sees herself as a behind the scenes,
'no recognition needed here'
quiet servant.
She's intelligent enough to run a corporation,
{and with her quality and quantity of family- she does}
Eloquent enough to meet with Kings and Queens,
{and she does}
Graceful and caring enough to be a type of triage nurse,
{and she has}
Humble enough to take in the drug addicted prostitute,
{and she has}
Wise enough to lead a church,
{she had to when her husband was hit by a car}
And not so busy that she cannot be a friend.
{and she is a wonderful one, at that}

My pink roses are dry now.
I hung them in our kitchen
against the black chalkboard wall.
Perfect reminders of what a small gift
that a bundle of flowers can be
when received in a dark moment
covered with an indescribable gift of 


{images taken by me using instagram}

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  1. How humbling it is to read your friends story, and how wonderful it must be for you to share such a deep friendship. I so wish I had a friend like that! Thank you so much for sharing, Sally xx


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