Tuesday, April 24, 2012

playgrounds and perfume...

{playgrounds and perfume}

Once upon a time...
in a land not so far away
there was a sweet little girl 
who loved to go to the playground.

{simple joy of a playground}

Then I blinked and she turned 17.

{at the park wearing perfume}

 Now she loves interior design,
fashion, hair, and make-up design,
graphic design, and... design.

All of this 'creativity' can create
quite a mess in a small bedroom...
Art supplies, sketchbooks, clothing, 
make-up,  more clothing
homeschooling books, lots of 
perfume bottles,
and beverage glasses from who knows when
that had an unidentified type of juice 
now turned 'science project...'
{ok I'm embarrassed}

This presented quite an organizational challenge, as you can see...

{viewer advisory caution}
{my heart rate elevates just looking at it!}


{ok, now I'm praying!}

We needed a storage solution that a teenager
and her mom could live with.


Then an idea:
Large open utility shelving, bookshelves, 
or maybe a painted china hutch.
We could make her bedroom a type of
walk in closet.
As long as there's plenty of room
for creativity
and a maybe a chandelier...

Kind of like this:

So with fear and trembling 
that I might encounter
the "Oh mom..." teenager sigh
I went ahead and shared these crazy ideas
 with her. 
And pause... "I love it!"

Now we can all be happy.

I won't have a zone in our home 
that looks like a bomb went off
{well, at least one less anyway} 
and she can have a bit of order to her 
own little space.

So off to the trail of
 Thrift Stores
we went!

{little  brother helping in the hunt} 

The vision was simple:
Clean and open shelving 
filling a long wall.
Perhaps 3 or 4 bookshelves to adjoin
and paint white, or ballet pink...
or bright yellow with
plenty of space to categorize belongings.
{sort of boutique-ish}

Not too difficult, right?

But we just couldn't find the 'right fit.'

Then we noticed a group of huge
black shiny file cabinets.
"Perfect for a large office" I thought.
Then I pulled out a drawer.
"Wow, look at how much space there is!"

"Crazy" I told myself.
{But I loved it}

So again, I asked 
'rather choosy and set in her own style' 
 a silly question
"What about file cabinets as storage?"

"Yes! I LoVe it!" she responded.

Enough said.

A few days later:

{neatly in a row}

{everything has a place}

{and labeled!!!}

{and her P.O.D. wall art is still visible}

{and  her friend Betsy is so accessible}

Definitely unpredictable.
Certainly unusual
and yes, unconventional.

Just what we were looking for.
Well, sort of.

xo deborah

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  1. So how long before you have to fight the urge to paint the file cabinets? Since, you know, that's what you do :)


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