Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{realistic} Renewal

Realistic Renewal

I love new ness.
Starting fresh.
Reflection and renewal.
But sometimes I forget to stay real
in the vision of what my 'renewed' looks like.
Words I'd like to describe my life:

{yes, kind of like that}

I ran into a lovely young woman the other day
who told me all about a program
that she is involved in right now.
She's living with an amazing, wonderful family
along with several other
college-aged students:
Push-ups and sit-ups for each piece of
clothing left on floor,
{light bulb! watch out Martin kids!}
  cleaning the whole house every week
with other interns,
spiritual and physical disciplines
to prepare these young people
 for real life, etc.

I couldn't help but look at how I'm training my own children.

And another good friend who has a few children
and a very, very busy demanding life
who is so beautiful and intelligent
that is having our whole family over for dinner this weekend...
I started to look at my own life.
Our family schedules.
Chore lists.

Our health habits and spiritual disciplines.
Our corners of clutter
that I constantly clean out.
Last week I went to our local warehouse
 and bought x-large garbage bags
for donations and garbage.

We are always donating to Goodwill
{and then I drive around the corner to the front door
 and go treasure hunting}
One of my mantra's to our children is
do not compare {with others}.
But I need reminded of that truth
just as often as they do.
The rest of the lesson is:

do not compete.
do not complain.
but be content.

Then I woke up this morning and
all 6 of our kids have the flu.
My husband is out of town on a week long business trip.
And I have the flu, too.
I have to laugh.
Then I'm laying in bed thinking
of all the things that I
 could/should be doing.
{Mom's don't schedule sick days, right?}
And then one of my kids came to me
to say that the shelves in the garage fell...
The storage shelves.
"It must have been windy in the garage."
Decluttering these shelves
and the entire garage 
was on my list of things to do
and it is just moved to the top.
A section dropped a month ago and a bottle of beer from my sister to make beer bread fell onto my 5th grader's backpack and shattered.
We washed her back pack but her friends keep saying
"What's that smell?"
Do those women that I admire have dirt in their corners?
Do they have unexpected messes
like shelves that fall?
Does everyone have a maid?!
Does anyone else get sick
when all 6 of thier kids get sick
when husband is out of town
for a whole week!?! {sigh}
{believe it or not this has happened before}

And then I pulled out one of my favorite books
written by Lisa Whelchel.
She's real.
I love real.
Not that the women I've mentioned aren't
but my mind I can become idealistic,
 often only seeing people
at their best.
I read a few pages and then returned to my
little 'hospital of sick beds'.
Real is so refreshing to me.
The shelves and all contents
are still on the floor.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be over the flu
and will simplify, organize and donate
but until then I am going to cherish the
quiet togetherness that only a
simplified sick day
can bring.

Hope that my realness
brings you refreshment, too,
knowing that we all have corners,
 messes and unexpected realities.
{darn it}

xo deborah

{images: my messy house and pinterest}

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  1. hermoso tu blog!!coincido con tus palabras del comienzo: a mí también me atrae la novedad...Y te deseo que te mejores pronto!!!Saludos desde Argentina!


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