Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{simplicity} of the season

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication~
Leonardo DaVinci

Some of my favorite Christmas decorations
are little framed photographs
and other things filled with sentiment.
I love the idea of buying an ornament each year
for each child but somewhere after the third or fourth child
I lost track of so much 'stuff' and gave up!

Here's a peek:

{this candle is 1 1/2 inches tall}
A particular two year old {years ago}
 needed to have an explaination
that little things in gift shops on vacation
are not free. 
 You need to pay for them before you can
place them in your pocket and go outside
 to sit on a bench with Grandma Shaw...
{notice the $1.95 price tag}

This little one offered Mommy a spot of tea
by saying
"Would you like a cup of tea, deerling?"
{rather than 'darling'}

The first of four ballerina princess sisters
I love her countenance.
So sweet.

A photo of my grandparents.
They celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary
in 2010 and then 5 months apart were laid to rest in 2011.
I miss them.  They enriched my life more than words can say.

My diningroom tree topped with beautiful dried pink roses.
A treasure from Grandma Dietz.

Roses given to our youngest daughters
after participating in an
'Inner Beauty Pageant' a couple of weeks ago.
Each little girl showed her talents and gifts
and all contestants were encouraged and crowned
 with applause and roses! So amazing!
{Lily played the viola
and Clara danced and tumbled to a 'Mary Mary' song}

My mother and I.
It was our last photo together
so it is greatly treasured. :]

Stockings {kind of} hung in a row.

Seth and his buddy
getting ready to bake gingerbread cookies.
{Don't be impressed by my culinary skills. We used a mix:] }

My favorite candle to burn during December.
I love this scent, year after year.

Lily's sheet music
for our nightly dinner music 
strings concert.
{practice schedule}

What are your favorite things
this time of year?

May your heart and home
 be filled with love
this Christmas season.

xo deborah

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful tree and special ornaments. Those are always the best, I think!
    Merry Christmas.



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