Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New York, South Florida or Home?

"Start packing your bags..."

I can hear Frank Sinatra singing in my head.

"It's up to you! New York New York!"
{There he goes again!}
I have a decision to make soon.

Do I want to go on a little get away?
Almost all expense paid. 
That makes it even more tempting.
And if so, New York or South Florida?

I love New York.

I love Central Park.
I love the subway.
I love Times Square.
I love riding in a cab.
And I LOVE the diversity
of cultures!

Times Square Church
One of my very favorite places.

Looks refreshing enough.

I have the opportunity to
take a little time away...

I could go to New York City.
One of my most favorite places to visit.



And we could take a drive south  
to the shores of New Jersey
where we recently took our oldest daughter
and showed her why we say
her eyes are ocean blue.
{that was a memorable day, she just stared in awe at the waters}

We don't have an ocean view where we live
so to experience the majestic view
is just that.
An experience.

Back to that decision.
so I could go to New York.


I could travel to south Florida
and enjoy a little heat and humidity
for awhile.

That sounds sooo nice to me right now.
I am sitting by my little space heater,
wearing lots of layers,
and drinking hot tea.
{maybe I should stop drinking the tea...
my whole house has gone on to bed}

My husband and I have a favorite
little place in the Keys
 that we could go visit
along the route to Key West.
The first time we were there
we fell in love...
with Mahi Mahi.
{It's Ok, we were already in love with each other...}

{Please allow me a little reflecting...}
We were enjoying our well prepared meal
and soaking up every second of the
spectacular view as the orange Florida sun
disappeared over the curve of the waters
of the gulf... 

When SMACK!!!
Our son flipped off his seat
and hit his little 2 year old mouth
on the edge of the glass dining table.
He must have been looking too.{?}
But then again we may not ever know if he
was trying to see the sunset
since WE were obviously distracted...

Like most first time parents
we panicked!

"Where's the nearest hospital?!!!"
we abruptly asked our waiter
as we grabbed a finely pressed linen napkin
to place over our son's mouth.
He looked at us with a blank stare
as if to say "What's a hospital?"
Oh brother...
"I don't know where there's a hospital...
but there's a fire station down the road."
"The food wasn't hot!
His mouth has no fire!!!" I thought
keeping my thoughts to just me, thankfully.
"Oh, EMT!"

"Just save our food!  We'll be back!"

And we heard a manager say to us
as we sprinted for the door
"Don't worry about the bill or your food."

And to that we stated very matter of factly
"Oh, we'll be back."
Gotta finish that Mahi Mahi.

After all, where we are from
there isn't such a thing as
'Fresh Seafood'
They may call it
but I don't know that it's
 geographically possible...

Our son had bit all the way through
 his lower lip
and of course
we thought he'd likely need
a facial surgeon
{lots of those in that region so "whew that's covered!"}
and a week in the hospital
to get put back together.

So, 20 minutes later,
after being seen by paramedics
{"Oh, he'll be fine. Mouth wounds heal from the inside out"} 
our little man was good to go.
{probibally to bed}

So we went back
and finished our
delicious, room temperature,
as the sun had already gone down 
but still so nice,

Which would you choose?

New York City
or South Florida?

Or like Dorothy
would you say
"There's no place like home."


xo deborah


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