Thursday, October 27, 2011

understated inspirations

a collection of
"a few of my my favorite..."

{Rachel's inspirations}

{reminders of all that is good}

{timeless beauty}

 {lovely organization}

 {a place to be still... alone or together}

{treasures from history}

{a space for uncluttered conversation}

{a style 'all your own'}

{unwavering femininity}

{having my own little corner in a big world}


{time for rest}

{watching for and seeing the good in everything}

{making a place for hospitality}

{placing love at the center of it all}

{light in otherwise dark places}

{extravagant in kindness}

{simple in devotion}

{welcoming and purposeful in duty}

{treasures of wisdom}

{acceptance of individual design}

{self acceptance, no matter how initially perceived}

{live a planned life}

{and join in the dance}

{dance to the tune of "Love"}

Xo deborah


  1. What gorgeous, gorgeous images you have shared here! Each one is better than the one before it! xo Diana

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  3. Mooie blog om te volgen inspirerend !

  4. You have a beautiful perspective!


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