Monday, August 22, 2011

{cocoa couture} a treasury of chocolate luxe

Love this sofa.
And the glazed stone walls
 and the textured pillows...

So simple.
So feminine.

What a little gentleman.

 My favorite kind of chocolate.

Handsome browns...

Aren't these so sweet?

Champagne cashmere.

A low sugar treat for my little people!

Pretty vessel.

Love open gates.

 Ok, so these aren't brown
and her feet aren't tan
but aren't these unusual?
I had to throw them in!
{you'll find them on}

Vintage treasures.
Warm fuzzy.
A thoughtful tray from my boutique.

 Meet my maid.
She's wearing a champagne dress and pearls
to bake a roast and clean my house.
{she's never burnt the roast}
She models in her free time...
purses, jewelry and clothing for my boutique.

 Some of my favorite little people.

Thank you for stopping by!
Xo deborah

{image credits:, flicker, and me} 

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