Saturday, July 30, 2011

she had a ring like this...

{ kindness }

Have you heard of a book called
Love Languages?

It describes 5 key ways in which
a person generally feels loved.

The receiving of:

{quality time}
{kind words}
{acts of service}
{and gifts}

I have to just laugh
{so I don't cry}
when one of my daughters
gives away yet another necklace, ring,
pair of designer shorts, or cute shirt
to an admiring friend.
Yes, she does this often.
{and I know...}
It is awfully kind and giving of her.

She gave an aunt a favorite doll
when she was little.
And gave her grandmother a collectible
porcelain bunny rabbit
{that I just bought her}
and she has given her friends
many clothing items, jewelry pieces,
and toys over years of

We have had to establish a few ground rules.
*If her dad or I bought it for her
she needs to check first.
*If she bought it with her own $
she's free to do with it as she pleases.
That way we will know that she still has clothes to wear to school. {insert grin}

I love that no matter what
she chooses to wear for clothes,
she always wears
in her heart.

Happy Weekend!


  1. that's such a pretty post...wearing kindness in our hearts sounds like something we should all strive to do. Good job mom!


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