Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{to do list} vintage couture? or the countryside.

{ Vintage Couture }
In a very brief photo session 
I set up this arrangement
to feature the vintage teapot
that I am selling in my boutique
{and to share the beautiful photo
from the early 60's of a young woman  
that I adore, my Mother}
Flowers are hydrangeas that I dried
on our 22nd Anniversary.
Yesterday's To Do List:
*etsy photography session out by the blooming hydrangea shrubs
*List etsy items: vintage baby stroller
vintage luggage
shoe forms
child's table and chairs
5 drawer cabinet, etc.

What I actually did yesterday:

*Start etsy photo session
*Get phone call from school... "child not feeling well"
*pick up 'not well' child from school, get a DQ shake, and go for a drive.
*"Mom? Will you go with me out to Connor's to get my fishing poles from  their lake?"
says Caleb {who can drive but is leaving for out of state college in one week 
so I try to enjoy all the time that I can with him}
*Feel like I'm wasting time... but really I'm not.  Just pleasant disruptions.

Well, the *Etc. column was consistent...

Child #1 thought a ride in the country
to look for horses, lakes and boats sounded
we filled up the gas tank and off we went.
Our first stop was DQ for a shake.
We drove by my favorite antique market
Venice Antiques
and it is located in a very tiny town
{maybe a village}
called Venice.
  My companion, Chloe
was resisting my prompting to
"just walk through?"
No go.

 By the way...
 They are having their biannual outdoor flea market
this weekend complete with local food vendors.
Great fun for the whole family.
Last year someone in our family wanted this:

{Seth found a treasure}

I am fascinated 
with old abandoned farmsteads
with their sway back barns,
antique rusted farming machinery,
and crumbling houses made of stone.
I wonder who lived there
and how they lived their day to day lives.

We found ourselves driving down roads
that we hadn't been on before.  So fun!

Do you ever want to go on an 'adventure drive'
and someone with you just can't 
go off the familiar path?
Adventure requires adventure!
Then we picked up child #2 and he had a to do list
that took priority over my original list.

Off to get fishing tackle from lake.
 We ended up in an area that 
Fifi O'Neill
features in her new beautiful book
 In fact, the friends that own the lake
where our son likes to fish 
live in the same community
as a family who's home and farmstead
was featured in Fifi's book.
Small world.

Continuing our journey 
we drove by the hugest herd of horses
that I have ever seen.
  I don't think 'herd' is a word usually used to describe
a grouping of horses, but this was a HERD!
Hundreds out in a field grazing.
So Chloe's desire to go on a
'horse drive'
was fully satisfied.  :]
Now for the lake and boat...
We drove by several communities out in
the country that are built around lakes.
We saw boats.
Lake homes.
HUGE lake homes.
She was happy.

Don't get me wrong,
I love lakes, too.
And I have had the honor of having of horses
and all that comes with that package. :]
And I like boating...
as long as the driver is careful and wise
and doesn't try to dump every one off in the water
as they speed along pushing
the frontal lobe of their brain's boundary...
{I don't need any more adrenal dumps, thank you.
You know what I mean.}

But then it must have been my turn.
We came around a curve of the road
and I looked over to my right
and there was a barn that had collapsed!

Barn wood heaven on earth!

I started envisioning long tables,
coffee tables,
more long tables!

I just added another item to my to do list. 

{My 'someday' to do list} 

Have an adventure filled  week!

xoxo deborah 

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