Monday, March 28, 2011

{purple} full circle


What was your favorite 
as a child? 
My very favorite was
Everything had to be
My Grandmother made
my birthday cake
for my 5th birthday
and it wasn't purple...
so I cried.
She asked me what was wrong
and I told her 
"My cake isn't purple".
She abruptly changed it.
{I think I frustrated her}

I dreamed of dance
but did not have the opportunity.
If so, I would most certainly
have worn these.

 Then there came a time 
that I didn't like purple anymore.
In fact, I hated purple.
I don't know that I liked any color at all.
I didn't necessarily like black
or gray
or brown either.

Those were my teen years.


I had big questions.
And I needed answers.
I looked.
I searched.
I asked.
And I found the 

And He wears purple,
the colour of royalty.

 My great grandmother 
had beautiful lilac shrubs
that created a lush entryway
up the pathway to her house.

 My family 
eventually moved into that house.
I loved the smell 
of those tiny flowers on each stem.
Perfect for Barbie doll bouquets.
 My Grandmother had beautiful flower gardens.
I hear she got the skill of gardening
from her father.
She raised her four children
in her two bedroom childhood home
where the grounds were thick with flowers
and even an orchard.
 {A legacy of love for growing a garden}

having tea in our garden
at the age of four.
About this time she and I 
went on a shopping trip.
I told her she could pick out a new outfit
all on her own.
Anything she wanted...
All she wanted was a purple t-shirt
and purple socks...

Then our little Lily:

purple hats.
{heartsmiles at etsy}
purple purse.
purple dresses.
purple tutus.
purple blankets.
purple lip gloss.
purple fuzzy coat.

I was surrounded by purple...
I had to surrender.

A snapshot view of
{the beauty of purple}

I think I need to plant some of this.

Or take a walk near Province.

Or go to the Hawaiian Islands
to smell the aroma of this.

While seated nearby.

And if it rains
while on your garden/beach tour...


A dress to go from beach
to seaside dinner.

Can't forget the cute shoes!

{at home}
Simple interiors
embellished with lavender.  

With shades of cream and gray.

Deep and elegant.
Almost Royal.

of purple

I could rename my blog
{the purple chair}
Or maybe not.

full circle

{flowers from my garden}

xoxo deborah


  1. I love purple, too, thanks for the 'ode'.

    Thanks also for your kind comments on my blog.

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  2. Hi Deborah..I am delighted to visit your blog, I've been going through mine and I came to see yours, which I find charming! you add to the list of blogs I frequent so I follow closely, very nice your corner, with your permission Here I'm to admire your stuff ... a kiss ... Stella

  3. You know I was never really a purple fan until recently and i have fallen completely in love with lavender! Gorgeous blog, thank you for sharing!

  4. As a child green. As an adult black, now that i'm aging, white... go figure :) lol.


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