Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hope and Grace

Do you have little treasures
around your house too,
that you don't remember
when or where you acquired them?
Or is it just me?

I have had these little dolls
for at least 10 years or so.
I look at them and am amazed
that they've been preserved
in our very busy house 
with 6 children for all these years.

If these little dolls could talk
I wonder what they would say?

I would name them Hope and Grace.

They could tell stories of 
{normal life}.
A husband and wife and their children.
Friends and relatives stopping for a visit
and even strangers turned into friends
while at this house.

These dolls could tell of
laughter from
celebrations of life
like the children 'ganging up'
on their dad for a tickle fest
in the kitchen.
{Yes, the KIDS get their dad, pretty funny}
And riding the grieving waves that come
from death and loss.
These dolls named Hope and Grace
saw prayers of faith
being offered up to carry this family
through the hardships of unemployment 
and the perseverance to keep going
under the immense weight life's stresses.
And for 6 years 
from the kitchen
feeding a high school football team
of 65~80 members every week,
the night before their game...

  Truly, Hope and Grace were there.
{My Shabby Stream Side Studio}
by Sandy Foster
Hope sees the invisible,
Feels the intangible,
and Achieves the impossible.
Where ever your home,
however big or small,
may you always find 
Hope, Faith, Love and Grace
tucked peacefully inside.

Thank you for stopping by!
Have an inspired day!

Mosaic: {the white chair}
"Beauty For Ashes"
by deborah

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  1. Thank You so much for stopping by my blog . I just Love your Mini Vaca Photos, wish i could go there. Love your blog !!!


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