Friday, February 18, 2011

beauty for ashes mosaic mirror

My mosaic mirror
 'Beauty For Ashes'

It started out 
with a pretty collection
of beautiful teacups 
that by accident crashed to the floor
creating a non intended puzzle
of porcelain.
I didn't have the heart to just 
toss out these pieces of what was once
a treasure
so I tucked them away in a drawer.
 Years later, I had an 
I could use all the broken pieces
to frame a mirror...
And a favorite verse came to mind,
"He gives beauty for ashes"

Each section has sentiment:
a cup from my mother and father
a cup from my husbands parents
a cluster of 8 pearls 
{8 members in our immediate family} 
a crystal perfume bottle from my mother
a small salt and pepper set glued together
my first make-up brush
an angel
and a pretty mirrored compact. 

 And it was such a big project.
I didn't know how to do it well.
Years before,
I tried to complete
this mirror on a smaller frame
and it was a 'trial and error~oops!'
so I disassembled all of my
and decided to just wait.

 It is good to have it finally finished!
What do you think of it? 
What's one of your very favorite projects?
I'd love you to tell about it!

xoxo deborah


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Have a great week, cheers: Evi

  2. I think the mirror looks so beautiful. I have read the book Beauty for Ashes by Joyce Meyer - really enjoyable.



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