Saturday, November 20, 2010

centered and balanced

photo credits to Grange De Charme

I went to one of my favorite
outdoor gyms today.
  As I was on mile 3,
I was thinking about balance 
and living a centered life.
  I had an idea for a post.
  I prefer the centered layout
for the script of a post,
like this.
And I was thinking about how so much in life 
can really
throw things off balance

and make things seem so out of order,
confusing, chaotic, and simply
at times.

I was recently visiting with a lovely college student
who is also involved in competitive athletics.
She explained that in her sport, 
the basics are:  1. stay low
and 2. stay balanced.
I was looking way beyond the obvious
to the deeper truths
concerning what she just said...
Stay humble
(free from self-elevating pride)
and stay balanced.
(peaceful, quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger)  
So much can be learned
from even students much younger than me
by listening 
not only with my ears
but also with my heart.
I was inspired by this young woman
to live like a beautiful volleyball player...
low and balanced.

Have a wonderful weekend  



  1. Hi debbie,
    i totally agree with you. Balance is sooo important in every aspect of life. And so too is humility. I really love and admire humble people. It is one of the main characteristics i look for in people that i surround myself with...
    have a wonderful day xx
    laura c xxx


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